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For additional consultation email For immediate support, call or text (310) 386-5576.

Our second most frequently asked question is, "Is it my job to...," and the answer is, "If it pertains to the resident's psychosocial needs, then Yes." Tell Me More.

Our third most frequently asked question is, "How do I get my SSD certificate?" Click here.

POLICIES & PROCEDURES are required by federal regulations and provide a roadmap to guide our practice.


CARE PLANS should be resident-centered, individualized, and interdisciplinary. Include measurable goals and realistic interventions. If you need a specific care plan, contact us.

DOCUMENTATION GUIDE: Social Service progress notes should include WHY you are writing the note, WHAT the issue was, HOW you handled it, and WHEN you will follow up if needed. To request our Documentation Guide at no charge, contact us.

IN-SERVICE LESSON PLANS: We always need to learn and improve our skills. See our menu to order a lesson plan, or contact us to create a lesson plan specifically for you.

CASE CONSULTATION: We all encounter difficult cases, and we all need help sometimes. Please contact us for a clinical social work case consultation.